Creating a bold fashion image using a fisheye lens! 😲

Creating a bold fashion image using a fisheye lens! 😲

Fisheye lenses provide an incredibly unusual perspective, allowing you to create images and effects that are impossible with other tools.

In fact, some fisheye lenses can provide a 180 degree view of the scene in front of you and may even capture the image as a circle/sphere!

While this tool seems rather unique and niche, it has been used in pop culture for decades whether 1960s psychedelic album covers, early 90s music videos, and in recent creative fashion editorials.

In this shoot I use my Canon 8-15mm F/4 fisheye lens to create a this super unique image!

There are a few key elements that change how the visual in your fisheye photo with this lens will look:

1. Focal length: The focal length you choose will affect the field-of-view in the shot, the compression of the shot, and the overall exaggeration of perspective created by the fisheye. Furthermore, at the wider focal length the image will appear like a circle! When zooming in more (toward 15mm) the image will again fill the rectangular frame.

2. Distance to subject: The closer you get to your subject the more the distortion/perspective of the lens will be exaggerated. Because of the wide focal length you will have to move slightly closer so that the subject is not tiny in the frame, but remember that the distance to subject combined with camera angle (see below) will change which parts of the subject are emphasized.

3. Camera Angle: Whether you and standing, crouching, or laying on the floor will each drastically change the appearance of the shot. Whatever is closest to the camera will appear largest, so in this shot by getting on the floor I was able to emphasize the feet/shoes the most.

4. Subject Pose: How the subject poses their body will make a big difference in the use of the fisheye perspective. Are they leaning to or away from the camera? Are they putting one part of their body closer to camera, making it appear much larger? In this shot I have my subject put her foot very close to the camera, giving it also β€˜cartoon-like’ proportions.

To create this image zoomed in (past the circular effect), got at a low angle, and had my subject put her feet closest to camera. All of these things created an image where the feet were exaggerated but while still keeping the head in a decent shape. When I composed her head too far toward the edges of the frame or got too close at a wider focal length, the head started to become oblong and misshapen.

The light for this image was a single bare bulb (hard light) strobe with the subject against a 12ft white seamless background, creating a clean surface that was easy to cut her out from, allowing me to create a more graphic visual for the final artwork!

This particular shoot was inspired by the incredible — check them out and give them some social love!

πŸ“Έ Gear Used:

βœ… Canon R5:
βœ… Canon EF-RF adapter
βœ… Canon EF 8-15mm F/4.0
βœ… Profoto D2:
βœ… Savage Universal XL White Seamless Background

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  1. 449new on October 15, 2021 at 9:52 am

    Model was on fire 10/10

  2. Robert Altman on October 15, 2021 at 9:53 am

    Great inspo/tips! The last set of shots has a pure white background – no shadows- I assume you changed up the lighting to include 2 strobes to illuminate just the backdrop for those??

  3. DThomasPorter on October 15, 2021 at 9:53 am

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